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The African Union Games at HBNU

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Hebei North university the place for education on the medial sector and a university liked by many international students, it is known in many international countries for its better education provision and the achievements met by the graduates who have been studying at the university. The university is known for its social activities among the international and domestic students who all work together in different ways at different sectors.
Each year in Hebei North university there are always games that come around the spring break and during the summer seasons, that involves students' participation and also the teachers' supervision, not only games but also there are some special seminars about medicine subjects, concerts meeting, religious meetings and many more program, which are all run, organized and participated by the students of Hebei North University.
There is a latest plan of games which involves national competition and is organized by the Hebei North University, specifically the African Union leadership where by the games included will be table tennis, basket ball competition, soccer competition, spoon and lime competition and running, and they are taking place in the East campus a place where all the students meet in the afternoon to start the competitions. The exact day for the games beginning is on 25th may and the final date is not set yet.
Since it involves most African Countries present at Hebei North University, the teams will be distributed from the Northern part of Africa, southern part of African, Eastern part, Western part and Central part of Africa. The aim of the event is to celebrate the Happy Africa day in Hebei North University and also to finalize the fifth years who will be leaving soon for their internship as way to wish them all the best in the career before they come back for the final exam and get a degree in the medicine career.

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