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The Award Night at Zhangjiakou International Hotel

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On Sunday last week the date was 5th May, the university of Hebei North had an event of awards night which was being attended by all the students of the university especially the international students from the first year to the final year. With it there were also board members and directors of the university including the extra curriculum activity coordinator who had to come for the special aid of providing awards to the winning teams in all games and individual trophies for all the individual players.

The meeting happened in the Zhangjiakou international hotel in Zhangjiakou China and it was named as both dinner and award night. A lot of students from Pakistani and other Asian countries showed up and a lot of African students from different countries. The place was very entertaining due to availability of some music and performances from different places, example there was a dance and a lot of songs from the Pakistani students which ended up cheering the whole place.

A lot of awards were given out to the teams that did their best in the competition. In the sector of football the winning team was Athletico followed by Tottenham and the third place was occupied by AC Milan, while the rest were taken off the competition. In the basketball sector there also three teams only of which only one was taken as the best.
Personal awards were given to various students including Kelvin Daudi from the Tottenham team as the top goal scorer, Prince as the best player from Athletico, Hassan as the man of the match from AC Milan and many more players from cricket and basketball.

After the awards for all the teams and individual players, everybody was thanked for showing up at the event and all for playing friendly and enjoying the spring tournament. The next tournament that involves the university will be done next year during the spring season.

6.The Award Night at Zhangjiakou International Hotel

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