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College of Agriculture and Forestry

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The agriculture and forestry college formally was generated in October 2005, formerly known as the department of agricultural sciences of Hebei North University. It includes department of plant science, plant protection department, department of food science, department of horticulture, agronomy and experimental centers. Its predecessor was Industrial School founded in 1923 by the famous patriotic democrat of Chahar Zhang Lisheng, and in 1929, it had been upgraded to Chahar Provincial Agricultural College, further to Zhangjiakou Animal Husbandry and Veterinary School in 1951.

In 1958, Zhangjiakou Agricultural College was renamed as Zhangjiakou Agricultural College. In 1992, it was been approved by the former state board of education, which is running almost for 90 years of schooling history. The agriculture department of Hebei was awarded the “modern agricultural technology training base” in 2009; the title was awarded as the “Ministry of Modern Agricultural Technology Training Base” in 2010. Further, it was known as the Ministry of Agriculture.

There are 104 employees, including 15 people of high authority, 33 people of deputy level; and 90 percent of them are full-time teachers, 15 percent with Ph.D., and 76 percent with master’s degree.

The college consists of 2,636 students. The agricultural science faculties consists of: Agronomy, Plant Science and Technology, Seed Science and Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Horticulture, Plant Protection and six other undergraduate majors; crop production and technology, bio-technology and application, plant protection, seed production and management, food biotechnology, food processing and technology, food nutrition and testing, gardening techniques and garden technology. There are facilities which assist 10 agricultural technological specialties. The “Crop Cultivation and Farming” was titled as the provincial major development disciplines in agronomy.

The College hosted more than 80 levels of various research projects, in recent years which achieved the governor special award, scientific and technological progress awards, teaching awards, and other levels of more than 60 awards, as well as published more than 500 articles. The College has a rich history with its optimistic teachers, training generations of agricultural science and technological talents. Previous graduates are dedicated to hard work and welcome the people of all communities. Over the years, the school has adhered to the teaching, research, training of personnel for the economic construction and scientific research, organically combined to develop a broad space for development, and achieved remarkable academic and economic benefits.

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