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First Affiliated Hospital

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First Affiliated Hospital of Hebei North University is located in Zhangjiakou city, Hebei province. It was established during the China-Japan War in 1939, it has gone through sixty-six years of ups and downs. It comprises of medical, teaching, research, prevention, rehabilitation as a whole, with advanced medical equipment’s and technology, Hebei North University teaching hospital is Tertiary health care unit at the provincial level. With the passage of time, the hospital became more famous and in 1983 was changed from Zhangjiakou Medical Hospital to Number One Medical Hospital. In October 2003, Zhangjiakou Teachers College of Medicine, Zhangjiakou Agricultural College merged into Hebei North University, the hospital was renamed the Number One Clinical Department of Hebei North University. October 2005 re-restructuring Hebei North University, Hebei North University grant called the First Clinical Medicine. Our hospital covers an area of 45,000 square meters, construction area of 58,000 square meters, with the capacity of 700 beds. With 22 Administrative departments, 27 clinical departments, 15 medical departments, 19 hospital wards, 5 research institutes and 12 technical committees. As of December 2005, the hospital officially employed 992 workers and 24 college administrative workers. Among them are 127 senior grade workers, 325 intermediate grade workers. 5 Master’s Instructors, an expert enjoy special government allowances and 43 Ph.D. graduates. One hospital outpatient’s department annually treats about 35 million cases and 11,000 patients are admitted annually. It covers the medical health service for 3 provinces i.e. Hebei, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia province.

The hospital has advanced medical equipment and strong technical force. Including Germany’s Siemens 1.5T superconducting MRI machines, Toshiba sub-second spiral CT, body CT machine Siemens, Toshiba 850 mA remote X-ray machine, X-ray image processing computer systems, Finland's panoramic X-ray machine, a large hyperbaric oxygen cabin, linear accelerator, simulator machine, installed after the treatment machine, cobalt-60 therapy unit, Abbott AEROSET20000 large automatic biochemical analyzer, Hitachi large biochemical analyzer, Abbott AXSYM automated immunoassay analyzer, Japan SYSMEX automatic thrombosis / hemostasis analysis System, Hewlett-Packard HPLC, central America GESOLAR8000M series of multi-parameter monitoring system, 32-conductive physiological recorder, Japan’s Olympus EVIS-240 electronic gastroscopy, a full German Rudolf endoscope system, Denmark Dundee KP emission analyzer, HP 5500 color Doppler ultrasound and Siemens ACUSONSEPLLA systems, X-ray vascular C-arm systems, dialysis machines and other medical equipment’s consisting of nearly 800 pieces (sets). The hospital has invested heavily in the formation of medical imaging, radiation oncology, testing, nuclear medicine, dialysis, ICU care, preparation, remote consultation and other treatment centers and research institutions. This advantageously promotes the improvement of medical standards. Every year dozens of new technologies for clinical appliances are being installed.

First Clinical Medical hospital has excellent teaching environment. The teaching faculty is very strong in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, Pediatrics, diagnosis, skin infections, nerve, Head and Neck Surgery, Department of Clinical Ophthalmology, etc. Each Department has its own director, deputy director, and secretary of education teaching. The hospital has in all 172 instructors, including 35 full professors, 59 Associate Professors, 62 lecturers, 16 teachers, 29 trainee doctors (teachers).

During the time at Hebei North University School of Clinical Medicine students are taught Medicine, Anesthesia Science, Imaging, Information Profession, Forensic Medicine, Oral Medicine, Laboratory Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Nursing and other ten professional, specialist in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, Pediatrics, diagnostic, Neurology, Dermatology, ENT , Ophthalmology and other clinical courses.

We have a good teaching practice base and experienced clinical teaching faculty. The newly created multimedia network teaching system teaches operation skills in training rooms, equipped with cardio-touch, a computer simulation of human auscultation, chest examination multimedia network simulation and the simulation of human abdominal palpation and other teaching systems. It can simulate more than 80 kinds of heart and lung auscultation signs of disease. These include heartbeat, heart rate, changes in heart sounds, abnormal heart sound classification conduction, pericardial friction rub and a variety of lung auscultation, signs of liver disease and abdominal surface contact, auscultation and other functions. Not only can the theory of teaching, skills training, but also for the network test. The hospital receives college and other universities graduate students every year including, undergraduate, specialist, internships, trainee students and more than a thousand people. The hospital received more than 200 physicians training both from inside and outside the province in recent years and more than 40 postgraduate training.

We emphasize on the subject of clinical teaching, clinical basic theory, basic skills, basic operation is the center for the country, the world’s cultures, and provide the highly qualified medical expertise for the purpose of teaching.

First Affiliated Hospital

First Affiliated Hospital | Hebei North University

First Affiliated Hospital

First Affiliated Hospital

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