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Admission Procedures

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Step 1.
Fill in the application form of Hebei North University (you can download an application form from the university's website or get a copy at the last page of the university's brochure/prospectus)
Step 2.
Send a scanned copy of the following documents via email;
-Completely filled application form
-Passport page with your basic information (i.e. name, date of birth, etc.)
-Completely filled health check up form
-Transcript or certificate of your highest obtained degree
The above documents can also be sent via your trusted agents
NOTE: You must take a physical examination at any hospital close to you in your country. The doctor must examine all items on the form, a recent photo should be placed on the form, the form should also have an official stamp of the hospital at the bottom of the last page and the doctor must sign at the bottom of the last page.
Also note that students will take another physical examination when they arrive at the university.
Step 3.
After application is successful, the University will issue you an admission notice and JW202 form.
Step 4.
With your JW202, admission notice and other required document for the application of student visa contact the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate nearest to you in your country and apply for student visa.
Step 5.
When you are offered the visa by the Embassy or Consulate, please inform your/our very own trusted agents or contact us about your flight details. We can then communicate with you detail of our airport pickup services.
Step 6.
Within 72 hours of arrival into China you must register at the Admission office of Hebei North University. You must submit your Admission Notice, Physical Examination Record, Passport and Passport sized photos for registration.

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