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Our Vision

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Welcome to Hebei North University(HBNU) in Zhangjiakou city. Whether you are visiting for the first time as a prospective student or checking in on us as one of our active alumni, I trust you will find in these pages the information and ideas that reflect our deep commitment to intellectual achievements in the service of our city, nation and the world.

Our tradition of academic excellence has given us the foundation and confidence to reach for new and unimaginable knowledge, while the diversity of our University community makes it possible for students, faculty, alumni, and neighbors to interact and thus be transformed by the multiplicity of human perspectives. At the same time, our location in the world's most global city offers us a unique laboratory in which to study the evolution of modern society.

I hope you will find HBNU as exciting and enriching as I do. This is a place that respects ideas, values diversity of thought, experience and most importantly, recognizes that what defines great scholarship is not the easy acceptance of what we already know, but the relentless determination to discover what we still have to learn.

I hope that this website will help you to understand the spirit that elevates this University and I hope that you will find answers to at least some of the questions that brought you here. But I hope most of all that If you are not already on our campus you will soon have an occasion to visit us whether to renew old acquaintances or to create new ones.

Prof. Song Hongru

President, Hebei North University,


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