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Hebei North University Held a Ceremony for the 2016 Batch

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The ceremony for 2016 batch began with a dance and songs in BoYa Hall in the afternoon of December 30th. more than 1200 people attended it, including the leaders of university and all departments of the university.  

The headmaster Zhang Li delivered a speech to welcome the coming new year. He wished all the staff in this university happy new year. He pointed out that we should catch the opportunities as below, like the cooperation with Beijing and Tianjin winter Olympics that will be held in Zhangjiakou, in 2020 and we are the perfect example of the renewable resources for the other cities, and such we need to take advantage of them to deepen the university integrated reformation and improve the competitive competence continuously, and finally we can make our university a modern, open and outstanding one. 

The shows during the ceremony are fantastic. Jazz dance, Latin dance and band performance all show students’ youth and energy and they also increase the enthusiasm of the audience in the ceremony. The songs sung by the girls expressed the enthusiasm of young people who were pursuing social improvement, national development and national restoration. The dance; Flower in the Rain showed the specialty of ethnic dance and carried forward the special culture in Hebei as well as Chinese traditional culture. The music performance and dance from teachers not only showed that our teachers are versatile but also transmitted the feeling of loving art and life. The performance from teachers pushed the show to the climax. In the end, the show finished in the choral. The whole show expressed the endless love of teachers and students for our country. 
Hebei North University Held a Ceremony for the 2016 Batch
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