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Student`s Time Around Zhangjiakou City

Time:2018 06 16 Click:12341
Zhangjiakou city has a lot of places for the students to go around and have fun and a good time whenever class is not on schedule. Most of the students like to walk and do social activities in groups because that way they will have more fun with each other and enjoy the city. Normally on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) there are a lot of activities and touring that most of the students get engaged in.
Many students are used to the indoor life, where by they just stay in the house for their own personal studies and personal activities, but for those who visit the city, normally go to the street walks to see different products sold by the Chinese people also they go out for the aim of exposing themselves in the Chinese culture especially the Zhangjiakou Culture. This normally happens in the parks and peoples square, where there is a large population of people and families interacting together in the evening. 
Zhangjiakou has a lot of places to offer for foreign students in the city, speaking of bars, place for breakfast, lunch and dinner all with the foreigner food and Chinese food. The city has a clear location and it is easier for students to reach out the place at any time of the day. The students in Zhangjiakou have a custom of celebrating their birthdays in Hotels or Bars where by they are attended by a number of friends and classmates.
It is always fun to have friends that support each other and spend time together not only in Class but also out of class. On Sundays there are students who have religion, example the Muslims and Christians who have access to a place of worship in any day of the week.
Most of the activities liked and performed by a big population of Zhangjiakou international students in Zhangjiakou include barbeque events, birthday celebration events, African or holiday related parties and so much more.

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