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Third Affiliated Hospital

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third affiliated hospital

The third affiliated hospital of the Hebei North University (Zhangjiakou City), is a sound infrastructure equipped with state of the art medical equipment, highly trained personnel, medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, comprehensive preventive health care as an advanced level general hospital.

The Hospital covers an area of 85 acres, living area of 20 acres, 51000 square meters, approved beds, 488 within existing, Surgery, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Emergency, Functional testing, Radiation, Professional 31 business section 26. Compiling of 479 employees, including 81 senior professors and 123 associate professors.

The Hospital has United States GE1.5T fibre NMR, and 16 row multilayer spiral CT, and launches single photon computer fault scan instrument (ECT), and large c arm vascular contrast machine, and Germany Siemens YSIO digital photography system (DR), and Siemens LuminosSelect digital gastrointestinal machine, and Siemens S20004D colour Super, and 300PE+ colour Super, and GE V7 colour Super, and Germany snake brand abdominal mirror, and Palace cavity mirror, and joint mirror power system, and Hitachi 7180 automatic biochemical Analyser ( 800-speed), Germany Roche E601 electrogenerated chemiluminescence instruments, Abbott I1000 chemiluminescence Analyser, Olympus endoscopy colonoscopy, Bronchoscopy, cystoscopy, urodynamic, imported ventilators, anaesthesia machine, dialysis machine 15 sets of advanced medical equipment.

Through years of development, the Hospital currently has a cardiovascular, respiratory, intervention, oncology, orthopedic, neurologic, and many more key disciplines in the field. The Hospital is a comprehensive teaching hospital in Zhangjiakou, Hebei North University; College of Education and it’s recognized by the Department of Justice, Forensic Centre in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province.
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