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Happy Trips to Places HBNU

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Welcome to Hebei North university, among one of the best medical university training students to become the best doctors throughout their professions. The university has been helping students from different classes or levels and all Nationalities throughout the world.

The most international students that have been studying at Hebei North university, have made it through their career in so many different ways, the main reason is because the university allows its students to practice any form of sports and social activities of their liking. The support given to the students by the university involves making time (timetable for the students), attending the different events planned by the international students and even host the programs for the students.

In all the above mentioned ways, are what keeps Hebei University having the best results out of their students. With that being said, the student organization of Hebei North University has come up with another trip, which involves students going to visit the Beijing water park and have a recreational time. This brings about socialization among the students and the natives of the country.

The trip is organized on the weekend of 26th may on Saturday. The trip is a one-day trip, there is transport that will be available to students to and from the water park. In the trip there are a lot of activities that will be done. Due to so many registrations that have been done, the deadline is a little sooner (on Wednesday) to avoid too much accumulation of students since they can`t all be accommodated by the services offered on the trip.

The fees to join is already set, it costs 290 Yuan for each person. As soon as the payment is made, the particular student will be given complete details of the trip including the bus pick up time and on what location.

Hebei North university

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