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New Zealand Chinese Medical College Visits

Time:2018 05 25 Click:12133
On May 11th, Landlord Bo, the director of the project department of the New Zealand Chinese Medical College, visited the university and discussed with the University of New Zealand on the establishment of a cooperative relationship with the New Zealand Chinese Medical College. Schools of secondary schools and departments such as the Basic Medical College, the Chinese Medical College, and the International Education Exchange Center participated in the symposium.

At the meeting, the two sides organized the 3+2 mode of Chinese medicine undergraduate education course, mutual recognition of credits, mutual exchanges of teachers, joint scientific research, establishment of an overseas practice base for Chinese medicine, and the establishment of a Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine and long-term exchange programs for nursing students. Conduct discussions and consultations.

After the meeting, the landlord and the director of the land took the topic of “Studying for New Zealand College of Traditional Chinese Medicine” and gave a special lecture for more than 200 students of the Chinese Medical College in the 301 Classroom of the International Exchange Building. Many students attended in the class and enjoyed the lecture as it made them grasp a lot of knowledge as he introduced the students in detail from the aspects of New Zealand's geographical climate, customs, recognition of Chinese medicine in New Zealand, and the basic profile and characteristics of the New Zealand College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Located in Auckland, New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine is a higher education institution approved by the New Zealand Academic Quality Supervision Bureau (NZQA) to grant a degree in Chinese Medicine. The Thirteenth World Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine was successfully held in November 2016 in education and scientific research. Enjoy a good reputation. The major specialties are: Chinese medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion, massage and traditional Chinese medicine health maintenance.

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