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Library Cards Made for the Students at Hebei North University

Time:2018 06 17 Click:11609
Hebei North University has the best library in Zhangjiakou also they are looking forward to construct a new library just to increase the services of books and knowledge around the city and to all students who are interested in acquiring knowledge, be it of Medicine or any other major, information or any updated news in the city or country at large. 
Lately there have been a new movement by the university coordinators who are asking for all students information to be submitted in the office, that includes the passport size picture with white background of every student and the full name. The information submitted to the office will be used to make the card for library use, which gives access to each and every student in Hebei North University to use the books or study in the library. The card will contain a picture, name, and number of each student. Some of the students have already had an access to the cards (the seniors) .
They say the card is very useful as it makes them get access to the most important in information that could be used in their career of medicine and so they advice every student to make sure he or she has the card. It also needs an amount to pay for it before being given. The students who have already payed for the card are mostly in 3rd year and they are very thankful to the university organization for making the whole process possible as they will have a new place to take their personal studies and make better results in the future of their career.
There are no any rules or regulations set so far, but the university organizations has kept warning of the cards not to be lost and be taken care off. Once lost one has to pay for a new card to be fixed for him or her. The library cards are also used till the end of your final year at the university (it does not need any new updates or modifications).

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