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The first thing you need to consider after getting accepted to HBNU is to find a place to live. HBNU takes pride in giving its prospective students the best accommodation facilities. In HBNU there are two forms of accommodation to choose from which are: HBNU owned accommodation and Independent accommodation.

HBNU Owned Accommodation

The International students' hostel located on campus is available for those interested in HBNU owned accommodation.

This form of accommodation ranges from two students in a room to four students in a room. Both types have shared bathrooms and common areas such lounge and living area.

All rooms are fully furnished and up to international standards. The rooms contain pillows, clean mattresses, bedspread and study desk for each student, central heating, 24/7 supply of cold and hot water and medically approved lights for both studies and relaxation.
HBNU attaches a high level of security of its students; there are effective measures in place to ensure the safety of every student. For example, there are surveillance cameras on every mile on campus.

Cost: Rent prices are different for each residence depending on if you choose two or four students in a room type of accommodation. The cost of two students in a room type of accommodation is about 7600 RMB/year and the cost of four students in a room is about 3800 RMB/year. Note that these prices are subjected to change if there is also a change in the exchange rates.

Independent Accommodation

Some international students prefer to live in accommodation owned by private landlords that are close to HBNU. There are real estate agencies and other agencies that can help students find accommodation easily. Accommodations are also advertised on popular Chinese websites.

Cost: when you look at independent accommodation you will need to take into account a lot of expenses. You will need to budget for household items and this depends on if you choose furnished accommodation or unfurnished accommodation. There are other expenses such as gas, electricity, telephone, Internet, management and security fee. Most students live with one or two other students to share the cost. Note that the prices of independent accommodation vary from one landlord to another.

Independent Accommodation

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