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Library Leader Visit Database Construction Work

Time:2018 06 13 Click:5449
On the afternoon of May 25th, Zhang Xiaokou, Director of Library Society of Zhangjiakou City, Library Director Zhao Xiaoying, and Deputy Director of the Party, Ning and his party visited our library to inspect the construction of Chahar's local records database and the development of characteristic resources. The library leaders warmly received the visit. Visited guests and other members accompanied by Director Zhang Xiaokou.
The two sides held a small exchange meeting with a lot of issues to discuss. Director Zhao Xiaoying stated that the Zhangjiakou City Library’s visit was a matter of the construction of the new building. It is hoped that the Hebei North University Library will assist in the completion of the re-construction of the domestic key localization projects.
The person in charge of the library of our school stated that the library of our school has collected and organized several years of data, which has formed a relevant data set with distinctive features and clear lines of thought. It has obtained the "Chahar Local Records Database" and "Modern Zhangjiakou Picture Database". A series of research results such as "The Outline of the Chief Executive of the Chahar of the Republic of China", we will do our best to help the Zhangjiakou City Library do a good job.
At the exchange meeting, the staff of the library of our school introduced the basic construction of the local library of the school library and the specific features. After the meeting, led the visiting guests to check the relevant materials and database on-line situation.
All along, the resources of the local history of our school library have received extensive attention from the relevant academic circles and cultural institutions. A number of units have established business contacts with the library of our school and have visited and visited many times.

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