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Western Medical Education In China

Time:2016 10 25 Click:5724
China being an ancient country, which existed 5000 years ago, still carrying along its traditional cultural practices and prominent among these is theChinese medicine. Over the years, China has been acclaimed for how effective itstraditional medicinehas been; using plants, herbs and needles in curing many diseases and also attributed to the fact why Chinese live longer compared to other worlds.Western or Modern medicineon the other hand is the use of new procedures and equipment to give detailed information about a disease and hence provide accurate remedy which will be of less side effect to patient. Western medicine has also advanced during the last decade in China and I can say China is one of the few countries, which provide the best modern education in the world thanks to its advancement in technology. For the fact that modern medicine provides evidence-based treatment, Chinese traditional medicine is gradually inculcating this into their procedures of treatment in order to provide accurate treatment and as well reduce the side effect as much as possible.

Western Medical Education In China

In China, there are3470 medical universitiesand these universities are equipped with modern infrastructure which provides a conducive environment for studies, moreover, medicine in China is practical-based, where students get the chance to practice all that they have learnt, due to the fact that these universities are affiliated to many hospitals and this help students to be abreast with modern equipment and procedures since these affiliated hospitals are as well equipped with these modern diagnostic equipment. By far, China is one of the few countries that provide modern medical education at a cheaper cost compared to other countries.

I cannot conclude without acknowledging the fact that, in China, one must attain at least masters certificate before he or she could teach in the university, and in respect to this, all Chinese lecturers in the various universities have a laudable certification and hence give students the best tuition.

In a nut shell, spending money on medical education in China will never be a waste because at the end of the day, you get the chance to experience a practical-based medical education as well the rich traditional culture of China and believe me, it will be an unforgettable experience in your life.
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