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The Professors

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Song Hongru

Song Hongru was born on April 1961 in Qinglong County, Hebei Province. He graduated with a master's degree in medicine. He is currently the president of Hebei North College. He is a council member of the Chinese Society of Immunology, a vice chairman of the Hebei Provincial Immunology Society, a tutor of a master's degree, and a letter-experience expert of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has presided over more than ten projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province, and has published more than 40 papers. He is currently presiding over another project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and has 7 textbooks edited by associate editors and main editors.

Professor Zhang Jing is one of the first national hundred teaching masters in the university, master tutors and provincial outstanding experts, enjoying the state council special allowance. She is the discipline leader of development of the provincial key discipline and of provincial excellent courses. Her lymph microcirculation in vivo study among the international advanced level in our country, won the provincial scientific and technological progress first prize, 12 scientific research and teaching achievement prizes. Now she is taking charge of the director of the Chinese society of microcirculation and other nine part-time academics, having a great influence on both at home and abroad. She won the national model teacher, the national worker, provincial model worker and so on. She also was the communist party of China 14 representative greatly and the ninth to represent the National People's Congress.

Professor Zhou Ji-yuan is a supervisor of postgraduate, enjoying the special government allowances of the state council. She is long engaged in the canker nerve - endocrine - immune adjustment research, national natural fund project and 12 other academic research subjects. She completed 81 paper (including direct others) and digest, 20 articles in English. She got three third prize for scientific and technological progress, and many other awards. Her chief editing of two undergraduate courses teaching material got second prize and third prize respectively. She also participated in the editing of four histoembryology color map.

Professor Ge Fu-gui is a master tutor, enjoying the special government allowances of the state council. He presided over 3 national natural science foundation projects, and participated in a lot of provincial scientific research subjects. And he first launched "ventricular outflow tract electrophysiology research" in the domestic, and first found pacemaker cells and new rhythms in outflow self-discipline. On this basis, the electrocardiogram (ECG) U wave into a figure of a new point of view was put forward for the first time by him, which won him the third prize of Hebei province science and technology progress.

Professor Gao Bao-jia, the doctoral supervisor, won the second prize for the national scientific and technological progress, having completed the national and provincial natural science fund projects and provincial science and technology research projects, etc. Now, he presides over the state forestry administration promotion project, the ministry of education of doctoral fund project, Dr Province funded project and Sino-German cooperation project, etc. In recent years, he appraised projects of 6 items, all at the international advanced level.

Professor Zhang Dan-shen is the doctoral supervisor and medical postdoctoral. She is attention by scholars both at home and abroad in senile dementia medications and behavioral pharmacology research. She is the director of Chinese Pharmacological Society and other part-time academics. She participated in editing 15 monographs and textbooks planned by Ministry of Health, which won the third prize of national excellent teaching materials. She also got the titles of the provincial exemplary teacher, provincial youth science and technology marker, and other honorary titles.

Professor Niu Chun-yu, the supervisor of postgraduate, is the provincial youth science prize winner and the provincial outstanding contribution expert. He presided over the national natural science foundation of China of 2 items and provincial & ministerial several research topics. He has published over 80 academic papers, which won the first prize for the provincial scientific and technological progress, 5 items of scientific research achievement and the second prize for the provincial teaching achievement.
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