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Academic Forum & Research News

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Academic Forum

School academic exchange activities have become increasingly active, with remarkable results. Now established with the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, Ukraine and other countries of about 11 universities and research institutions and stable relations of cooperation, academic activities and research projects and exchange programs. Meanwhile dozens of domestic universities and research Institute carry out extensive cooperation.

American delegation from our visited the University of Mississippi.

American academicians, IT expert Professor Chen Shiqing come to my school to lecture

Tenured professor from University of Manitoba Dr. Yang Xi come to my school to give lectures

Research News

Scientific research is one of the tasks of the university. Our School attaches great importance to scientific research, clearly stated as, "strong research school" and "strategic thinkers".

We strive to create a technological, innovative school system. Firstly, issued a series of preferential policies, provide a strong guarantee for the subject construction and research and innovation. Secondly, the establishment of five thematic Research Institute and the purchase of flow cytometry, electron microscopy, high-performance liquid chromatography and other large equipment. Thirdly, to strengthen and improve stay on campus. Purchased CNKI database, Superstar digital libraries, digital library system Maxims foreign.


From 2000-2005, there has been a total of 298 commitments to the national, provincial Natural Science Foundation and various research projects, published 3965, which were collected SCI 28 articles; publishing scholarly monographs, 268 textbooks; 16 achievements provincial (department) level scientific and technological progress awards; 13 application of the results of national patents.

2006,2007, schools bear the National Natural Science Foundation, Technology Support Program and other types of research projects at all levels of sub-457, 350 on the dial million dollars in research funding and published 2043. 5 Provincial and ministerial level scientific research achievement awards, a national invention patents, utility model patents 4 authorization. In the lymph microcirculation, no tropic aging drugs, anti-infective research and development of natural immunity and hematology testing and diagnosis, NIHEWAN culture and its tourism industry, the typical group limited its application, cultivation theory and technology system, etc. research has also made major progress in the province with certain characteristics and advantages.
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