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Institute of Medications

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The Institute of Pharmacology has a large personnel. The research content mainly involves Neuropharmacology, Behavioral Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Chinese Tradition Medicine and so on. At the same time, through the comprehensive study of various areas, we research new drugs of neurodegenerative diseases and metabolic diseases which are a common problem to the aging society and cause serious damage to people’s health in our country. We strengthen the research and development of modern Chinese medicine, especially looking for a research direction of effective prevention and treatment to Alzheimer’s disease. The institute for research on learning and memory method has reached the leading domestic level.

Advantage of Talent

We have a great team. There are 43 people in all, made up of 19 professors and associate professors, 12 Ph.D. or master’s degree holders, 2 people studying abroad for Ph.D. and 5 master’s graduate students.

Research Direction

Behavioral Pharmacology

In view of the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, in a variety of educational Chinese medicine effective component as the research core, we make the observation analysis of Behavioral Pharmacology, through the establishment of various animal learning dysmnesia models. And we study the effect of drugs on learning and memory and its mechanism of action to improve the basic research of memory impairment by the detection method of electric Physiology, Biochemistry, Enzymology, and Molecular Biology.


Through the meticulous research of Neural physiological & biochemical and pharmacological mechanism that is closely related to Alzheimer’s disease, we clarified the influence of drugs on Alzheimer's disease from different levels and confirmed that the adenosine A1 receptors and N- methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor promote the learning and memory together. From this, we made the new treatment protocol that can prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease in the round by adjusting the balance of the central nervous system function. It provided a scientific theory basis to find an effective treatment and drug for curing the neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Clinical Pharmacology

It is mainly through the research of Chinese medicine effective component in animals pharmacokinetic to clarify the theory basis of clinical drug application. The research results can provide the clinical application of drug pharmacokinetic parameters, to guide clinical rational drug use. It also can choose new drugs to appropriate patients, so we can access the drug pharmacokinetic in certain patients, and provide a reliable basis for clinical rational drug use.

Science of Chinese Pharmacology

We study the traditional medicine by using the theory of modern science and the technology means. Our research focus is developing local Chinese medicine and identifying valuable Chinese medicine and common Chinese medicine. We have a modern Chinese medicine specimen room, and research on the combination therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine to diabetes at the same time. Now on the basis of the Qing dynasty famous doctor Zhang Xichun’s theory and combining with the modern Chinese medicine. We developed the effective combination therapy of Chinese medicine called “Tangpingjian” for diabetes.

Scientific Research Achievements

In recent years, the institute has completed 31 science and technology research projects of Zhangjiakou and 5 national basic research subjects such as the national natural foundation, provincial science and technology research project and provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine authority and so on.

At present, we undertake 11 various research projects, have disposable funds amounted to 1.65 million RMB. In less than three years, we have published 258 papers in domestic and international academic journals, 3 SCI articles. In addition, we won 4 scientific research achievements awards, including 2 awards in The Advancement of Science and Technology Competition in Hebei province health department items, first prize for The Advancement of Science and Technology Competition, the product transfer fee of 900000 yuan, and five national patents.

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