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The Regular Meeting Of Teaching Work And Pre-Evaluation

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On the afternoon of April 28th, the school held a regular meeting of teaching work in the conference room on the fifth floor of Hongzheng Building and a pre-evaluation and reformation promotion meeting. School Party Secretary Zhang Lianchun, Vice President Niu Chunyu, and Disciplinary Committee Secretary Zhang Ji attended the meeting. The heads of the functional departments and teaching and auxiliary units, the heads of all teaching units (directors), the vice presidents of teaching (deputy directors), heads of teaching departments, and schools All members of the evaluation office attended the meeting.

Vice President Niu Chunyu briefly reviewed the main work carried out since the launch of self-evaluation and construction work, and made important progress and key tasks. He pointed out that the pre-assessment of successful completion of the anticipated tasks benefited from the high attention of leaders at all levels, learning, reform, and construction; it benefited from the joint efforts and hard work of the whole school. The overall thinking of the rectification work from the pre-assessment to the formal assessment is based on objectives, problem-oriented, and quality assurance. Based on the combination of the objectives and tasks of the School Evaluation Office and the development of each unit's rectification plan, the school has demonstrated The audit will form a rectification plan for each special group, each unit, and each department, which will be issued and executed. The head of cattle emphasized that the first thing is to continue to study and assess the relevant knowledge and profoundly grasp the connotation of the assessment. All units and departments must take various forms and organize the development of review assessment knowledge, requirements, pre-assessment of expert opinion feedback reports, etc., to deepen the understanding of the review and evaluation, effectively guide the work practice, and constantly improve the quality of teaching. The second is to complete the three major reports with high quality. All special teams, relevant departments, and personnel shall, in accordance with the division of tasks, carry out revision, improvement, reporting, and reporting of self-evaluation reports at all levels, annual teaching quality reports, and school teaching basic status reports in accordance with high-quality and high-level standards. The third is to formulate and effectively implement the reform program. All units and departments shall promptly convene a special meeting for rectification after pre-evaluation based on feedback from experts, analyze in depth the existing problems, and form a rectification plan for the unit and the department.

In the end, Zhang Lianchun's secretary stressed that the purpose of the assessment was to build and to advance the work. Everyone must take the assessment as an opportunity. All units and departments must focus on the following aspects, carry out work in a solid and effective manner, and promote the continuous improvement of evaluation work in our school. First, we must correctly understand the achievements made in the previous period. The second is to fully understand the existing problems and deficiencies. The third is to take issue-oriented and detailed implementation of the rectification work. The School Evaluation Office must carefully sort out the opinions put forward by the experts. All relevant units and departments should, in light of their actual conditions, carefully search for their own problems and be problem-oriented, refine the implementation of the rectification work, clarify the rectification period, and implement the responsible persons. The fourth is to consolidate responsibility, improve style, and ensure effectiveness.

The Regular Meeting Of Teaching Work And Pre-Evaluation
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