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Admission FAQs

Time:2016 07 07 Click:16198
Both students, guardians and perhaps admission agents are always confronted with questions regarding their admission procedures. The international office of Hebei North University has come out with potential FAQs that students and guardians may find helpful regarding our admission procedures.

1. What documents will I need to begin my admission process?
Answer: You will have to provide the following documents before we can begin your admission procedures
i. Certified copies of the highest certificate obtained. This may include High school results, Diploma and Degree certificate in any related science program known in the applicant's own country.
ii. Two (2) passport sized photos.
iii. Stamped and signed medical examination report from a recognized hospital or clinic.
iv. Scan copies of your passport's basic information page with at least six (6) months validity.

2. What is the JW202 form?
Answer: The JW202 form is a special document without which the Chinese embassy cannot issue you a student's X-Visa. This document is issued by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China.

3. What if I want to apply online?
Answer: There is a section of this website where you can apply online. You can directly call the International Exchange Centre for personal assistance.

4. What type of visa will I be eligible to apply for with the JW202 form?
Answer: With the JW202, you will be eligible to apply for the student's visa which is officially called X-Visa.

5. What kind of luggage content must I come with? Do I need to bring my own medical books or will the school provide them?
Answer: You don't need to bring along with your books. There are a lot of e-books as well as hard-copy books you can purchase off websites like amazon.com and taobao.com etc. where you can purchase all kind of books. If you have books already, you can bring it along with you in order to save money.

6. How will I get to the school? Who will pick me up at the airport?
Answer: The Admissions Office of the University (International Education and Exchange College) offers airport pick-up service for new students to the university at a fee of 800 RMB (a little over $140). Your contact in China can also offer this service. Be sure to have your contact's Chinese mobile number. Send your itinerary to your contact before going on board the plane to avoid getting stranded at the airport on arrival. If you're not familiar with your contact, be sure to share a secret code to make sure that the right person picks you up from the airport. Under no circumstance must you pay more than 800RMB for airport pick-up service. For more clarification on this, you can contact the international exchange center.

7. How will I get a legal residence permit in order to stay after arrival?
Answer: Your visa expires thirty days after entry into the People's Republic of China. It will be wise to settle all your fees as soon as possible to enable the international office process your residence permit.

8. Expenses? How much will one spend a month or a year in that city?
Answer: This basically depends on the individual, as lifestyles differ from person to person. But on the average, this ranges between 700RMB-1200RMB ($115-$200) per month or 8400rmb-14400RMB ($1359-$2300) annually.

9. Important Notice For Intending Pakistani Medical/Dental Students.
While China seems to have served as major links for accommodating students from Pakistan, the students should also take note that the PMDC has set rules stating that Pakistani students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in a foreign medical or dental institution must approach the National Examination Board of the PMDC to be granted a ‘NO OBJECTION’ certificate before proceeding.  What’s a ‘NO OBJECTION’ certificate? It is issued to students with at least 60% marks in FSc or equivalent as a pass to study Medicine/Dentistry abroad on insurance that they can return and apply to write licensed exams to become doctors.
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