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Medical Universities in China for Pakistani Students

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Pakistan is widely known as being a muslim country. A large number of international students that reside in china as medical students are from Pakistan.

As students who consider their faith first and foremost before anything else, when considering a university these students look at the various facilities the university has to offer.

The most important concern catered for is the availability of halaal food. The universities in china that facilitate students on an international scale ensure the cafeterias provide halaal food for students.

What makes these universities further reliable is the accreditation by the WHO(World Health Organisation)  and the PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council). This indicates that these universities are applicable to study at and attaining a job upon arrival back to the country will be guaranteed.

Some of the universities that are recognized in Pakistan are:

+ Hebei North University

+ Zheijang University

+ Hubei University of TCM

+Capital Medical University

+ Wenzhou Medical University

Amongt many others. These universities are accommodating to the Islamic faith as students are able to practice their beliefs freely.

As a result of universities ensuring that the needs of students are taken care of, china sees an enriched Pakistan community.

In order for Pakistan students to study in China, they first need to make an inquiry as to whether the institute is accredited and recognised by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC). According to the new rules and regulations of PMDC, every graduate has to sit for NEB/PMDC exam after returning from studying abroad.

Below are the Universities that has PMDC accreditation and recognition:

· Peking Union Medical College- Beijing

· Beijing Medical University- Beijing

· Shanghai Medical University- Shanghai

· Shanghai Second Medical University- Shanghai

· Xian Jiaotong University, School of Medicine- Xian P.R China

· Xinjiang Medical University- Urumqi China

· Guilin Medical University , Guilin

· Zhengzhou Medical University

· Hunan University Of Chinese Medicine, Hunan

· Wuhan Hubei TCM Medical University, China

· Shenyang Medical University, Shenyang

Studying in China for Pakistani poses no difficulty, the country itself is home to a Muslim population which caters adequately for their needs, in terms of prayer facilities and halaal foods. The country also boasts a rich history, a variety of climates and many famous destination for your free time. There’s no doubt as to why China has become the populous destination for not only Pakistani students but the majority of globe.

As far as Pakistani students are concerned, there is wide range of very good and accredited universities to study at. And worry not, most of these schools are very conducive and for learning and welcoming to all faiths.
1. China Medical University- Shenyang City

2. Jilin University- Changchun city

3. Nankai University- Tianjin City

4. Capital Medical University- Beijing City

5. Huazhong University- Wuhan City

6. Jiangsu University- Zhenjiang City

7. Ningbo University- Ningbo City

8. Weifang Medical University- Weifang City

9. Dalian Medical University- Dalian City

10. Xuzhou Medical College- Xuzhou City

11. Liaoning Medical University- Jinzhou City

12. Southeast University- Nanjing City

13. Xi’an Jiatong University- Xi’an City

14. Wuhan University- Wuhan city

15. Zhejiang University- Hangzhou City

16. Shandong University- Jinan City

17. Fudan University- Shanghai City

18. Sichuan University- Chengdu City

19. Tongji University- Shanghai City

20. Kunming Medical- Jinzhou City

21. Fujian Medical University- Fuzhou City

22. Dali University- Dali City

23. Guangxi Medical University- Nanning City

24. Zhengzhou University- Zhengzhou City

25. Qingdao University- Qingdao City

26. Chongqing Medical University- Chongqing City

27. Hebei Medical University- Shijiazhuang City

28. Harbin Medical University- Harbin City

29. Soochow University- Suzhou City

30. Shihezi University- Shihezi City

31. Wenzhou Medical College- Wenzhou City

32. Bei Hua University- Jilin City

33. Taishan Medical University- Tai’an City

34. Yangzhou University- Yangzhou City

35. Guangzhou Medical University- Guangzhou City

36. North Sichuan Medical University- Nianchong City

37. China Three Gorges University- Yichang City

38. Ningxia Medical University-Yinchuan City

39. Xinjiang Medical University- Wulumuqi City

40. Anhui Medical University- Hefei City

41. Tianjin Medical University- Tianjin City

42. Lanzhou University- Lanzhou City

43. Jinan University- Guangzhou City

44. Southern Medical University- Guangzhou City

45. Tianjin Medical- Tianjin City

46. Shantou University- Shantou City

47. Sun Yat-Sen University- Guangzhou City

48. Weifang Medical University- Weifang City

49. Dalian Medical University- Dalian City

50. Shandong University- Jinan City

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