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The Week of Spring Games Final

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The whole of last of last week, Hebei North University had a conducting of spring games and tournaments, which were organized by the board of the university and the students in the fourth year who will soon be recognized as fifth year students.

The games played included football, basketball, cricket, running competition, and many more. These games were played in the east campus by all the students in each batch. The teams came from all the batches and the competition is against one another, whereby the winner will be presented with an award in the dinner taking place on Sunday evening.
So far the games left is the football match which has two stages, the semi final and final, each one taking place at different times on Saturday and Sunday. All the fans, spectator and supporters are welcome to come watch the match and cheer for the winning team.

The games are so competitive, hence making students have a good time in when it comes to extra curriculum activities, furthermore the games and tournaments played are make students increase unity and socialize with each other because in the field is where all students from all batches meet for games.

Recently concerning extra curriculum activities, there have also been another trip organized by the students in fourth year soon to be fifth year. The trip is about going to some nice places and purposely for sightseeing. The program named as Happy Trips to Places has offered a trip to Shidu Valley near the most famous and capital City of China Beijing.

Time and date of the trip have all been set up, also the venue and amount of money required for the trip has been set of by the members of the program, students are expected to join and travel with the organizers on Saturday morning and will be back to the University campus on the same day but late evening.

The Week of Spring Games Final

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