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Department Inspection of Sports Work

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Department Inspection of Sports Work
On the afternoon of May 21, the inspection team of the Provincial College of Physical Education led by Du Peng, Dean of Hengshui College of Physical Education, was appointed by the Provincial Department of Education to visit Hebei North University to conduct inspection and guidance on the 2017 school sports. Ren Liang, Vice President, members of the Public Sports Department, and teacher-student representatives attended the report.

At the symposium, Vice President Ren Liang briefed the inspection team on the overall situation of sports work in our school. He pointed out that our school takes the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games as an opportunity to seize the strategic opportunity of the 300 million people in the icy and snowy countries, persist in serving the needs of local economic and social development, and establish a healthy development of the new sports specialty. The postgraduate education for sports education will be carried out smoothly. The construction of stadiums has progressed smoothly, campus sports and cultural activities have flourished, and the function of university sports education has been fully demonstrated. Subsequently, Wang Dapeng, director of the Ministry of Public Administration, gave detailed reports on the specific work of physical education, scientific research, sports training, and student physical fitness testing in our school.

After the symposium, the inspection team inspected the sports stadiums under construction at our school and reviewed the archives of sports teaching and research, sports training, professional student management, various rules and regulations, and conference records. The inspection team fully affirmed the achievements of our school's sports work. I believe the school will take the Olympic Games in 2022 as an opportunity and it will surely improve the sports work to a new level. At the same time, the inspection team provided specific guidance for the future sports work of our school.

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