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Chinese Language Learning

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Short-term Program

All types of short-term Chinese Language training: enjoy the traditional Chinese culture. We also welcome overseas students to join our summer/winter short-term Chinese language training courses.

Chinese Language Learning

A. Chinese language courses: Improve your Chinese Skills in a short time

1. 1-8 weeks, 15-20 hours/week, feasible time schedule.

2. Applications from Student groups are welcome.

3. Subjects: Basic written and oral Chinese, General View of China, Practical Chinese.

We can also develop a course plan to suit the requirements and profession of the group.

B. The Culture of Chinese Society: Study Chinese culture from all aspects

1. 1-4 weeks,15-20 hours/week

2. Applications are welcome from the students of all groups and all levels.

3. Optional subjects: Economics of China, history of China, the law system of China, the customs of China e.g., food of China, Beijing Opera.

C. Tourist classes: visit the scenic spots

1.1-2 weeks

2. Information and travel

3. Optional subjects: Visit the Great Wall and traditional temples, to enjoy Chinese Opera, Chinese traditional paintings, Kites, Learn Chinese kungfu.

4. Fee structure: please contact Admissions Program Office.

Dr. Gulnar Mob: +8615850513534 Email:gulnar@188.com

Distinguishing Features of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language:

First -Class Teaching Installation, First-Class Teaching Quality!

1.Hebei North University, with a history of more than 50 years, is an important educational base for foreign students in China.

2. The creative curriculum model will meet the demand of every student.

3. Scientific language testing and upgrading will help the students to obtain the best results.

4. The abundance of opportunities to practice oral Chinese will quickly improve the student's communication skills.

5. A strict evaluation system of teaching quality ensures that the teachers have first-class professional abilities.

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