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Unique Position Near Capital - HBNU

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Hebei North University is very close to Beijing, the capital city of the People's Republic of China. Our close proximity to the nation's capital makes a decision to study with us less than a choice as it provides you the great opportunity to easily trek the historic city of Beijing. China, as it stands now, is noted for its undisputed custody of many historic monuments and places and most of these historic artefacts (the legendary great wall, the forbidden city, Tiananmen Square, Worker' cultural palace, Zhong Shan park,, Happy valley, the ancient observatory, the Ming Dynasty City wall Relics, Chang'an city etc. Park) are all located in Beijing which is just two hours bus drive to Zhangjiakou city where the school is located. With the newly railway being constructed, it would take one only less than 30 minutes to take a train from Zhangjiakou city to Beijing and vice-versa.

the Ming Dynasty City wallNow here is the good news to our dear students who enjoy going on a shopping spree. Nowhere in this world would one enjoy moments of shopping than the nation's capital, Beijing. The city is blessed with a countless number of shopping malls and centers that one can choose from. With the knowledge of the city's subway routes, one will be able to move most of the shopping centers with as little as 2 Chinese Yuan.

In Hebei North University, you will not only be imparted with academic knowledge, but you will also benefit immensely from the rich and respected culture as well as a long-standing history of the People's Republic of China whilst at the same time spending your leisure with shopping in one of the world greatest city, Beijing.

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