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Japanese Electronics Company JEM

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Model: JEM-100CX II

Manufacturer: Japanese electronics company

First, the main technical indicators

An acceleration voltage: 100KV

2, the maximum magnification: 45 times

3, TEM-point resolution: 0.2nm

4, TEM line resolution: 0.3nm

5, 0.1nm resolution scanning attachment point

6, scan accessories line resolution: 0.2nm

Second, the functions and features

Ultrastructure of the sample

JEM-100CX electron microscope type II rules

1, open the circulating water, turn on the main power button is pressed.

2, after the regulator current stable master key to open the dial to ON at the hosts started running.

3, until the indicator DP, when HIGH, OPEN full light, indicating that the various parts of the vacuum have been reached, you can start Outlook


4, co-host of the chamber axis is operated by hand, if the observation failure or abnormal sounds, should be promptly stopped to observe

And report maintenance supervisor, timely maintenance, troubleshooting, and the normal operation of a guarantee.

5, the observers leave the seat, closes the filament, stopping to observe more than half an hour should be closed hypertension.

6, Off: Turn off the heater, high-pressure. Twist the key OFF, all other machines stopped, then close

The total power and recycled water.

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