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Agilent 6000 Ultra Workstations Proteomics

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Agilent 6000 Ultra workstations proteomics.

Agilent 6000 Ultra Workstations Proteomics

The device uses a high-sensitivity analysis of protein identification technology for the identification and structural elucidation of unknown compounds. The new electron transfer cleavage (ETD) function improves the quality of the transfer of the modified protein analysis. It is equipped with instrument control and data analysis of special software, the operating parameters of liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry parts integrated on a single interface that can be automatically tuned to mass axis calibration, data acquisition, data evaluation and results reporting. This system is widely used for compounds to confirm their identification, characterization, ADME and toxicology studies. It can also pharmacokinetic studies and quality control / evaluation and so on.

American Agilent 6330 LC-MS mass spectrometer operating procedures.

First, the booting process

1. Turn on the power PC; open from the pressurized liquid nitrogen filling valve, check the output pressure of 0.55-0.69MPa (usually 0.60MPa); Open the purity helium cylinder valve, the output gauge pressure should be at least 0.35MPa, general 0.5MPa.

2 .Turn on the computer and log in to the windows interface, then open LC1200 each power switch, turn on the power switch 6330 series, vacuum pump to work, wait for about 1-2min.

3. Double-click the "Instrument 1 online" icon to start the LC-MS Trap, there are three interfaces, namely "Instrument 1 online", "6300 Series Trap Control", and "Data Analysis".

4. Waiting is evacuated when the vacuum degree is For "4.13e +00" bar, High as "1.35e-05" bar.

Second, the sample test

1. Insert the chip.

2. Click the "purge", remove LC1200 pipeline gas.

3. Open the "nano pump" and "capillary pump". Observe the display flow, study preparation after spotting.

4. Will handle a good sample on the sample stage, the "Instrument 1 online" interface to set the position of the sample on the sample stage, and the selection method and save path.

5. Click on the "start" to start loading. In "6300 Series Trap Control" screen monitor spectrum.

6. The MS detects the current sample library, analysis of the samples.

Third, shut down

1. In the "Instrument 1 online" click interface schematic below "off"; close the "Data Analysis" interface analysis of data; ensure "6300 Series Trap Control" is in "shutdown" state; then turn off the three interfaces.

2. Open the IE screen, in the address bar enter, select "Service-Vacuum system-continue Update-Vent VacSys". After about 15min, turbo pump speed down, turns off IE interface, Trap and LC1200 turn off all power, turn off the computer, turn off the helium bottles, liquid nitrogen from pressurized irrigation valves and PC.


1. We must wait until the following operation after the vacuum reaches the standard.

2. under normal circumstances, do not close the valve from the pressurized filling of liquid nitrogen, the nitrogen pressure should always observe timely irrigation liquid nitrogen. Always check the pressure of helium, timely filling gas.

3. When it is shut down, ensure Trap series ("6300 Series Trap Control" screen viewing) is in "shutdown" state.

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