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PMDC Recognized Medical Colleges in China

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PMDC is an organization set up under the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council to serve as overseers in the establishment of standard basic and higher qualifications in Medicine and Dentistry in Pakistan. The PMDC conducts operations in the standardization of courses of training for obtaining an undergraduate or postgraduate degree qualifications, setting the standards of exams conducted by medical colleges in Pakistan and the way the exams are conducted. The board through series of exams tests the knowledge of Pakistani students who pursued their undergraduate course abroad. PMDC endorses these medical students and gives them license to practice in the country.  Due to these reasons, most medical universities in China applied to the PMDC for recognition and the approval to admit Pakistani students. This initiative has enabled the graduates from medical colleges approved by the PMDC to be eligible to sit for the board exams after graduation.

Most medical colleges in China use the directives of the PMDC to build their curriculum and prepare students towards that direction. The advancement of medicine in China and the use of ultra modern facilities make it easier for international students to study and understand. Pakistani students with the intention to study medicine or dentistry in China should have no fear about the authenticity of the standard of education they receive in China. The medical colleges that admit them are recognized the PMDC. Students should first cross check the medical colleges they apply to be sure.

The Pakistan medical and dental council (PMDC) ensures that universities meet learned criteria before they receive accreditation. There is a vast amount of universities that are PMDC recognized in China. Amongst them are:

Hebei North University
Hubei TCM university
Xian Juotong medical university
Hunan TCM university 
Shanxi medical university of TCM
Shenyang medical university 
Shanghai medical university
Wuhan Hubei TCM university
Xinjiang medical university
Renmin university of China
Beijing normal university
Tianjin university

According to the PMDC these universities conform to the regulations of a medical teaching institute and hence as a result have received accreditation after following the application process that is required. The process to receive accreditation is long and well constructed. It is indicated that institutions that receive accreditation are well facilitated, managed and academically producing well.

A healthy fraction of the international students in China reside from Pakistan. It is important that the PMDC recognizes universities that are equipped to educate international students. The accreditation not only allows students to study here in China but it also makes getting a job in Pakistan a lot easier as the degree is further made legit. 

The PMDC holds great relations with many of the universities in China as students frequently apply and graduate. It gives us great pleasure to be associated with a well-acclaimed organization like the PMDC.

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