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Three Leaders of Canada University of Manitoba Medical Visited Hebei University

Time:2017 01 03 Click:5942
On 12th October, three leaders, Professor Neal M. Davies, Deputy Professor Gong Yuewen and Professor Frank J. Burczynski of Canada University of Manitoba Medical visited Hebei North University.

Principal Zhang Li met the visiting professors and also introduced the general situation of Hebei North University. The two sides had a deep discussion in the field of scientific research, teaching, ad creativity of students. The professors from Canada spoke highly of Hebei North University.

Subsequently, the professors from Canada visited the cell room in pharmacology lab in the company of the pharmacology department leaders and they had a great interest in all lab work. They hoped that the two sides would have cooperation and communication in the related fields so that two sides could realize a win-win result.
After the visit, the experts had a forum with the representatives of postgraduate students. In the forum, many teachers introduced their own achievements and research direction. They also had a discussion concerning the scientific research and teaching. Then they visited the life science center and library.

Over the years, Canada University of Manitoba School of medicine and School of pharmacy department have always maintained good relations in cooperation. Many teachers had access to learn in the Department of pharmacy in Canada University of Manitoba School of medicine, and they got experience in term of training talents, teaching methods and research methods. This is the first time Principal Neal M. and Professor Davies had visited our school and it left a deep impression on him. Three professors are from the departments of drug analysis, molecular pharmacology, pharmacy.  The two sides further exchange and cooperation in the comprehensive development of pharmacy that will play an important role in the future.

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