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The sixth Session of Hebei University Aerobics Contest

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The sixth Session of Hebei University Aerobics Contest
At 3 pm on May 18th, the sixth “Adolescent Fashion” aerobics competition of Hebei North University was held in Boya Hall. It was led by the Department of Organization Department, Propaganda and United Front Work Department, Labor Union, Student Affairs Office, Youth League Committee, and more than 1,200 student representatives. game. After more than two months of preparation, 15 teams from the entire school dressed neatly and came to the game with passion and confidence. Art College's beautiful aerobics performance "Dream Youth" opened the prelude to the contest. "The eighth set of Radio Gymnastics", "Blue fire", "Hot Dance Party" and other programs are novel, the action is vivid and unrestrained shows youthful vitality, and the novelty and unique display of the fusion of power and beauty. Youthful nightmares, Dreams of the Year, Dance Youth, and Fire in the Heart have transformed into a variety of competitions. This shows that young students are not afraid of being brave, brave to innovate, willing to fight, and daring to pursue dreams. ambition. The contest ended in the aerobics show "Chihuahua" of the Academy of Performing Arts.

After fierce competition, the representatives of the Public Sports Department and the Chinese Medical College won the first prize; the representatives of the Agriculture and Forestry University and the First Clinical Medical School team won the second prize; the representatives of the Animal Science and Technology Institute, the School of Economics and Management, and the school Representatives of the League Committee, the School of Information Science and Engineering and the School of the Chinese Academy of Arts won the third prize; the School of Medical Laboratory, the Department of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Law School, the School of Foreign Languages, and the School of Science won the award for excellence. The college team and the Academy of Performing Arts team won the award for outstanding performance.

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