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MBBS in Fujian Medical University

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MBBS program (taught in English) introduction

Qualification of MBBS applicants:
  • non-Chinese citizens over 18 and under 40 years old
  • a senior high school diploma and above, good school performance
  • good physical health (without color weakness, color blindness)
  • qualified English language proficiency for medical majors and no breach of Chinese laws
The length of schooling:
6 years.
application fee: RMB 800;
tuition fee: RMB 30,000 per year;
accommodation fee: RMB 4,000 per year;
other costs such as the cost of the teaching materials are subject to the actual situation.
Application and registration schedule:
Application: from March 1 to June 30
Registration: October 8

mbbs in fujian medical university

Submission of application materials of MBBS program

  • Original valid passport ( pages with photo and address)
  • Highest diploma certificate (notarized scanned copy)
  • Transcripts of the most advanced studies (notarized scanned copy)
  • Recommendation letter from school
  • Economic assurance or financial proof: documents proof personal finance or sponsored by family, government and financial warrantor.
  • Other attachments (If any)

About University

Fujian Medical University (FMU) was founded in 1937. It has formed a spirit of “diligence, conscientiousness, truthfulness, and innovation”. FMU is located in Fuzhou, with two campuses located at Shangjie and Taijiang respectively, covering a total area of 100 hectares with a floor area of 400,000 square meters.FMU has set up 20 schools. FMU has 4 directly affiliated hospitals, 12 non-directly affiliated hospitals, 22 clinical teaching-oriented hospitals.In 2008, FMU is sanctioned by the Chinese Ministry of Education to recruit overseas students major in clinical Medicine (English as a medium of instruction). Since 1998 it has enrolled more than 400 overseas students.

study mbbs in fujian medical university

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