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Final Years at Hebei North University

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The university of Hebei North has been able to produce a lot of graduates ever since the university was built. Each year more than one hundred medical students graduate from the course at the university, both international students and domestic students, and the success has always been seen from the graduates as they get to have better positions in the society to practice medicine form China and back at their countries.

In this year 2018 the university has the fifth years preparing to go back after their internship and attending a lot of hospital practices, and at the same time, the sixth years who finished in 2017 are coming back to clear up all the procedures and graduate form the university.

In this wat the university is seen to succeed because there has been no any student who failed from their exams and there are no dropouts in the university. The university is planning for all the students to do their internship in China. The university has the authority to decide where the fifth year students should practice their medical theory.

It was decided in China because of various reasons, one being that the university has the ability to provide a hospital for students to work and practice all the medical procedure in, which is a good and positive thing. Also the second main reason is that for all the students to watched over close by the lecturers and professors, on how they do their practical, attendance to the hospital, also to practice their Chinese language as they will speak with the Chinese patients throughout the time, to practice much more about time management and all essentials for better medical students. 

Most of Hebei university students have shown a lot of improvement from the first year to the sixth year and proceed to graduation period.

Final Years at Hebei North University

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