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MBBS In China For Pakistani Students At Low Cost

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China has always been friendly with its neighbouring countries especially with Pakistan. There are years of friendships between china and Pakistan. Pakistan and china friendship has become a great example of love, brotherhood and peace for all the other countries of the world. Both the countries are helping each other side by side in order to compete with other top countries around the world. There are cultural exchange programs held between China and Pakistan, due to these exchange programs many students get a chance to learn in their adjacent friendly country.

There are many plus points for the Pakistani students to who wants to learn engineering in China. We will discuss some of which in this article under the title of "MBBS IN CHINA FOR PAKISTANI STUDENTS AT LOW COST" and also about the scholarship details for the students.

According to a survey China has provided professional education to more than 50,000 overseas students in the different field during the year 2017 and the major bulk of the students among them were from Pakistan. The top 3 most applied majors by the overseas applicants in China are Medicine, engineering and language (mainly Chinese)
Here are some of the advantages and factors that influence a lot on MBBS curriculum in China:

1. Fees
2. Accommodation
3. Scholarships
4. Impact of CPEC
5. Currency difference
6. Education quality
8. PMDC preparation
9. Daily expenditures
10.Highly recognized universities

MBBS In China For Pakistani Students At Low Cost

1. Fees of MBBS in China

One of the main thing that worries the overseas student studying in entirely different country is the "tuition fee" as it can either help you out to reach smoothly to your dream profession or can also cause many unexpected troubles during your academic carrier.

However, in China this is not the same as in the western side of the world where you are charged with a high tuition fee and are provided the same facilities in as in China.
The Chinese government always tends to create a healthy relationship with  its friendly countries especially with Pakistan.
The fees for the overseas students to study in China is quite affordable yet different for every major and program. Generally speaking the fee ranges from 15,000 RMB to 60,000 RMB per year.

The fees depend on a lot of factors, such as:
  • The University
  • Major
  • Program
  • Scholarship

2. Accommodation:

Another factor for studying MBBS in china for Pakistani at low cost is the accommodation fee. In the Chinese universities the overseas students are provided with the facilities and hostels and dormitories having modern day facilities like internet connection, separate toilet and furniture. Students are also provided with the facility of single and double room with or without sharing. The hostel buildings are well-protected by the CCTV cameras covering every corner of the building along with the guards guarding every entrances into the building.

The cost for different rooms are different depending upon the facilities you choose and the hostel administration of the university. The accommodation cost for the overseas students within the university is averagely in between 5000 to 10,000 RMB per year.

Some students also tend to live outside the campus premises in self-rented apartments, however it is observed that the students living outside the campus premises have high monthly and annual expenditures. The students living outside has to register their address with the nearest police station as well as with the university administration.

3. Scholarships:
Scholarships in Chinese universities are provided to the hardworking and talented overseas students. There are different types of scholarships provided to the overseas students which are categorized differently such as:
  • Class 1 scholarships
  • Class 2 scholarships
  • Class 3 scholarships
  • Class 4 scholarships
And freshmen scholarships
  • The scholarship awarded by the Chinese government
  • Scholarship awarded by the university
  • Scholarship awarded by the regional government

The amount of scholarship is different depending upon the following things:
  • Marks obtained
  • Major and program
  • Attendance
  • Behavior and attitude
Mainly there are two kinds of scholarships awarded to the overseas students, one which is awarded once in a year and is around 5000 RMB, this type of scholarship is mainly awarded to the bachelor degree students and the other one is awarded as monthly allowance and is mainly awarded to the masters and doctoral degree students which is in between 1500 RMB to 4000 RMB per month.

4. Impact of CPEC
  • Due to the establishment of CPEC between China and Pakistan many doors of opportunities are open for the locals of both countries.
  • People knowing both the countries language are preferred and are always appreciated.
  • Opportunities like these are always like a golden chance for someone to learn in a friendly neighbouring country.

5. Currency difference
Another main factor for studying in China for the Pakistani student is that the currency rate difference is not much as compared to the other countries of the world where most of the education is expensive and the amount of money transferred also lowers down due to the addition of the massive amount of taxes during the currency exchange. According to the present day 1 Chinese YUAN is roughly equal to 18 Pakistani rupees which is not much when compared with other countries.

6. Education quality
The quality of education matters a lot especially when you are willing to lave your own hometown and go to entirely a new country. The education quality in china is above your imaginations, the mode of education in the Chinese universities is English meeting all the international education requirements.

The teachers teaching in the Chinese universities are all well-qualified having years of teaching experience in their particular field. The teachers are selected according to the international standards.

The students are provided with the facilities like libraries having a large number of books on every major written by many international scholars.
Research centers and laboratories are provided to the overseas students with all the modern day technology and equipment's.

7. Transportation
Yes, it sounds like how can such a minor thing has such a great effect on the expenditures if we put it on a monthly chart of expenditures we can easily find that the transportation cost is taking 1/4th of your monthly expenditure.
In China, the transportation is very cheap as now there are many buses that run entirely on electricity and may require 1 or 2 RMB to travel from one station to the last stop.
The taxi fares are also quite affordable, In the coastal metropolises like Shanghai, Shenzhen or Guangzhou, the price is high.
Buses have different routes that almost covers all over the city, where you can travel easily. The average fare for a taxi starts from 6 to 8 RMB per kilometre.

If you are studying in China most of the overseas students tends to buy a vehicle the thing to be hammered into the minds is that the government of China is very strict towards anyone having any kind of illegal approach towards anything while their stay in China, under such circumstances the government of China has allowed the overseas students to own an E-bike as it does not requires any kind of driving license and is cheap as well.

8. PMDC preparation
For the Pakistani students studying medicine anywhere other than in Pakistan, have to appear in the PMDC exam if they are interested in order to practice medicine as a profession in Pakistan. One of the perks of studying in the Chinese universities is that it prepares the students to appear in any test fearless wither it is USMLE, PLAB or PMDC. The students are taught having a clear concept in their mind about the medical teachings.

9. Daily expenditures
Utilities in China are cheap, for the students living in the dormitories the bills like electricity and internet are comparatively very less as compared to the students who live outside the campus premises in the rented apartments.
The average monthly expenditure of a student studying in China is estimated in between 1500 RMB to 2500 RMB per month even in the big cities like Beijing and Shanghai.
The above-mentioned value is for the comparison purpose and may vary from person to person depending upon the facilities required by the person and the lifestyle.

10. Highly recognized universities
There are many world recognized universities located in china that are not only well-recognized in the country but also all around the entire world. universities like the following:
  • China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences
  • Shaanxi University Of Chinese Medicine
  • Gannan Medical University
  • Hunan University of Chinese Medicine
  • Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Chengde Medical College
  • Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Liaoning University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Hubei University of Chinese Medicine
  • Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine
  • Northwest University
  • Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
  • Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
  • Dalian Medical University
  • Central South University
  • Peiking university
  • Tsinghua university
  • Hebei north university

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