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Third Session Foreign Language Cultural Activities Month

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The ending ceremony of the third session Foreign Language Cultural Activities Month was held in BoYa Hall at 7pm, 15th December.  Vice Principal Zhang Jinshun, Vice Principal Zhang Mingzhu, Vice Principal Zhang Hui, organization minister Li Shuangqun, Vice Principal Ren Liang and other leaders attended the ceremony.  More than 1200 teachers and students attended the ceremony.

Vice Principal Zhang Mingzhu gave a speech about the organization and the effect of the activities. He affirmed the achievements of the activity, encouraged everyone to continue efforts to enhance students' learning foreign language abilities, make campus culture prosperous and make greater contributions to educate the creative talents. Liu Wengen complemented the execellent units and individuals. They awarded them and took pictures together.

The programs performed by every college student won an applause from the audience. The program was divided into Bridge of Culture, Wing of Dream, Charm of Dance, Brightness of Winter Olympics and The End five parts, including Happy Ending, sang by girls, female chorus, jazz dance,

India and Pakistan dance won the warm applause from the audience. The famous opera artist Li Ping performed "where do you live ". The young singer Yu Xiaomei sang " Chinese dream" and the Foreign Language Institute Chang Lei sang French song "Comme Toi". The foreign student Emma sang" I'm like snowflake from the sky" And it was the highlight of the party.

The English culture activities aimed at further improving the teachers’ and students’ learning enthusiasm, enhancing the ability of using English language, experiencing the charm of exotic culture, enriching the cultural life on campus and creating a school culture, helping teachers and students to develop an international perspective. This activity was an important platform for teachers and students to apply foreign language in communication, and it was also an important channel for teachers and students to broaden the international vision; it was a link between the first class and second class but also the extension of the teaching activities and an important activity to further enrich the cultural life on campus. There were tens of thousands of people to participate in this activity, more than 3,000 people participated in the game and more than 300 people were given different awards. More than half of the teachers and students of the Foreign Language Department organized and participated in this event. At this point, which lasted nearly two months, the third foreign language cultural activities came to an end successfully.
Third Session Foreign Language Cultural Activities Month
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