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Bright Adolf

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I’m Bright Adolf, I’m originally from the coastal city of California in the western part of the United States. I’m a medical student studying at Hebei North University.

America is beautiful in its physical appearance and has a profound education system however when I was considering applying to study further, I wanted to study abroad. I researched countries like Russia, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, china and even Romania. I found myself attracted to each country in different ways however there was one specific country that stood out, china.

China maintains good relations with America. Honestly there isn’t a single American that is oblivious to the countries relationship. There were so many things that had me leaning towards pursuing my degree in china.

The countries rich history and exotic palette was on top of the list of reasons to study in china however after reading up on the university I was convinced that this was where I was going to be completing my degree.

The university is situated in a city that’s fast becoming one of the most developed in the country. The university caters for the needs of students keeping in mind their background and traditions.

Hebei north university creates a positive learning environment for foreign students and accommodates all beliefs. Last month the university hosted a Diwali celebration in light of the hindu students observing their traditional festivals. This was not just intriguing it was breath taking as I got a front row seat in this learning experience.

Hebei north university has paved the way to a bright future for me and provided an educational experience that will far exceed just the field I wish to practice in.

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