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Cost of Mbbs In China In Pakistani Rupees

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China as we see today is way much different from China we used to know about. According to some thinktanks from all over the world by the year 2030 China will take over the world economy by a great margin. China has become the next destination for the overseas students from all over the world after their high school education.

China has always been in good relation with Pakistan and the friendship between these two countries has gain a great reputation. The two countries share many common interests one of which is providing the education to the seekers of both the countries. China has developed a chain of institutions to achieve this goal, these universities are believed to be not only the best in the Asia but also among all other universities of the world. The Chinese universities are competing with other top universities of the world. It is your golden chance to be a part of one of these universities today.

MBBS in China for Pakistani rupees

The universities are having years of experience in dealing the overseas students. China is not only providing a standard education to the overseas students but also the tuition fee is quite affordable too.

The Chinese government is always striking to do better for the youngsters in the field of education as it realizes the importance of education is far more than anything in this world. Here in this article we shall discuss the “cost of MBBS in China in Pakistani rupees” and every other factor that influence this.

A. Currency difference:
The currency difference in the two countries i.e. Pakistan and china is not much as compared to other countries. This minute currency difference enables the Pakistani students to study in china in some of the leading universities without any economic burden.
According to the present day, 1 RMB is equal to 18 Pakistani rupees.

B. Fees of studying MBBS in China
The fees in the Chinese universities is not much and are quite affordable. The fees for the different majors and programs are different and depends on a number of factors, some of these important factors are as follows:
  • University
  • Major and program
On averagely speaking the cost of MBBS in China in RMB ranges from 16,000 RMB to 50,000 RMB, However calculating the cost of MBBS  in China in Pakistani rupees is 2,60000 to 9,0000 PKR.

The above mentioned value is for the comparison purpose only and may vary according to the currency difference.

C. Daily expenditures
In china the best part, especially for the students is that the daily expenditures are not much.

Things for the daily life use are easily available around in the stores and are quite affordable too.

On average a student studying in the Chinese university has a monthly expenditure in between 25,000 to 35,000 PKR even in the big cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

The above-mentioned value may vary from person to person depending upon the way of lifestyle and expenditures done on daily basis.

D. Accommodation
Accommodation to the overseas students is provided in the form of hostels and dormitories with every facility provided to the students in order to help them spend a comfortable stay in China. Talking about the cost of MBBS in China in rupees is greatly influenced by the accommodation but in Chinese universities it's not a problem. The accommodation the hostels and dormitories are affordable ranging from 90,000 PKR to 180,000 PKR per year. The hostel and dormitory facilities include modern day facilities like internet connection, furniture, and separate toilets.

Some of the students tend to live outside the campus premises in self-rented apartments, however, it is well observed that the students living outside the campus premises have relatively more expenditures as the bills, rent and other unnecessary expenditures adds up.

The students living outside the campus premises have to register their address with the nearest police station as well as with the administration of the university they are studying in.

The accommodation expenditures in the self-rented apartments vary from place to place and the size of the apartment. The apartments in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai have more rent as compare to the apartments in the other cities.

E. Scholarships
Scholarships are provided to the students studying in China in order to boost up their morals. The scholarships are categorized into many types depending upon a lot of factors, some of which are as follows:
  • The university
  • The major or program you choose
  • Your marks and attendance

The scholarships awarded to the students are mainly categorized into two types i.e. one which is awarded to the masters and doctoral degree program students and is in the form on monthly allowance however the other one is provided to the students once in a year and is around 90,000 PKR and this type of scholarship is basically awarded to the bachelor's degree students.
The scholarships are also categorized according to the following types:
  • Class 1
  • Class 2
  • Class 3
  • Class 4
  • And freshmen scholarships
a. Scholarship awarded by the Chinese government
b. MBBS Scholarship awarded by the university
c. Scholarship awarded by the regional government

F. Transportation:
Another factor that makes China the best place for the overseas student especially from Pakistan is that the cost of travelling within China is not much. There is a network of well-developed of trains and busses that connects the cities. In big cities there are subways, that saves your time and are not even costly.
Moreover with a city the three are taxi’s and busses that takes you to your destination in a very affordable price. For a taxi than runs on meter, the fare starts from 107 to 120 PKR per Km.

We cordially welcome all the students from Pakistan and be a part of one of the leading universities in china and make a better future.

All the money mentioned in the articles are used for the comparison purposes and may vary according to the international exchange rate fluctuations.

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