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Indian MBBS Students in China

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"In the laboratory at China medical university, the latest product to be exported from China to India is being made: Indian doctor," Indian media reported."China has become the new mecca of medicine for many Indian students."And domestic university officials prefer to put this as a sign of China-India cultural exchanges to heat up, a proof of basic medical education in China, also a part of the strategy of Chinese universities to build a university with international influence.

10 am on April 30, a warm day, reporters came to Soochow University, there lived a group of Indian based medicine MBBS students. Just entering the east gate, the "Indian characteristics" came on the ground, and a dozen South Asian students were standing in the dormitory building and talking. As the weather is cool, Indian girls are wearing Punjab. Chinese students on campus say that in the summer, the girls, dressed in the sari, have become a beautiful sight on campus. An Indian girl with a handsome appearance and a brilliant mind is 18 years old and has a medical family. Her grandfather and uncle are doctors and her parents are in the medical business. In the fall of 2005, from the state of Rajasthan in India, arrived at the medical school of Soochow University. She said she had heard the introduction of her friend's brother, who was lucky to have three good friends with her. Speaking of the reasons for her study abroad, she said: "the weather here is suitable, the city is beautiful, the teaching conditions are good, the teachers work hard...All the best. All the factors are right for me. She says she is learning Chinese and is very fond of Chinese culture. She feels that she is quite comfortable here and has made some new friends. Using "beautiful country, beautiful people" to describe the study of China as "absolutely a cultural exchange", "it is very important to establish a cooperative relationship between China and India".Ruitai Carl is the student of Soochow University in the spring of 2005 class, he is from central India Nagpur, is where he is one of the 10 state government scholarship winner, government scholarship funding his $4000 a year. He is very pleased with his studies at the university, he said, he learned something useful here, after returning from China to believe in yourself, can have a doctor's career.

indian mbbs students in china

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