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Cost Comparison Of Studying Mbbs In China, Us, Uk, India And Pakistan..

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One of the most respected professions in the world is a medical doctor; this has made it a headache to attain it for most of the population of the world in this century. It is clearly due to elite High school graduates being accepted into government medical institutions of higher education to study MBBS and at extremely ridiculous cost of tuition and time. This leads the average students into realizing their dreams even if they are very determined and passionate on studying MBBS. Research has shown that average students when given the opportunity even do perform better and turn out to be greater doctors than the elite, which are accepted into medical universities.

Aside from getting excellent grades, paying for tuition in order to attend quality universities has become a hassle for not only the students in, but also their guardians and parents. This leads one to wonder if the study of MBBS is worth the headache? Is it possible to find a college that is both affordable and provides quality education? Fortunately, the answer to this question is yes. Yes there is a high possibility of finding a college that provides both quality and affordable education for these passionate students.

Cost Comparison Of Studying Mbbs In China, Us, Uk, India And Pakistan

According to research, China has become one of the most if not the most sought after country when it comes to the study of MBBS. Thousands of students from all over the world flock to China yearly to study this course. This is evident by a press release statement from the Ministry of Education website in 2014 which states “A total of 6,272 students came from Oceania, a 32.24 percent increase year-on-year, while the number of those from Africa- 41,677 a 24.93 percent increase from 2013”. The question is why? What makes China the preferred choice? One may ask, what about countries like the UK, US, Pakistan and last but not the least India? The cost of study of MBBS in China is at an average of 28000 RMB per year, the average cost of tuition per year of study of MBBS in the US is 32000 USD (i.e. 215,700 RMB), meanwhile in Pakistan the average cost of tuition per annul amounts to not less than 1 million Pakistan Rupees (i.e. 65,000 RMB). India is not exempted from this list with an average cost of tuition for self funded MBBS being 800,000 Indian Rupees (i.e. 80,000 RMB). Even though these countries are home of some of the best known medical universities worldwide, it has been proven here that China is the best choice because it does not only provide first-class education, but it also has a very affordable tuition cost compared to the countries listed above.

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