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Fee Structure And Scholarship

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There are many great reasons to study MBBS in China and the primary reason is the affordable educational costs fees. In average, a 6-years bachelor's MBBS degree in a Chinese university will usually cost at least half the price of those charged by colleges all around the world. Apart from the fact that Chinese colleges are highly affordable, their teaching and training systems are of very high standard. They have world class professors and lecturers who dedicate themselves into ensuring that the best quality education is given to all students. In addition to that, there are ultramodern facilities and research systems that are aimed to cater the needs of students. The average tuition fee for courses in MBBS ranges from 2500 USD (around16,000 RMB) to 9900 USD (around 60,000RMB) yearly. Please note that these are not the exact fees, and you should visit www.acasc.cn for more information on the MBBS courses and their fee structures for all the schools that offer them.
The fee structure for MBBS at Hebei North University covers the tuition fee and accommodation fee. It also covers the annually medical insurance and visa extension fees.

During the first academic year, the tuition fee goes to apparently $6,000(approximately 30,000-50,000RMB). With a small amount of hostel fee combined, the total cost of the first academic year can be curbed within about $7,000. While in the successive 4 years until graduation, the cost fluctuates down to an obvious lower spent.

Hebei North University students can also be awarded with the University Scholarship and Governmental Scholarships as followed.

Hebei North University Scholarship:
-The criteria for this scholarship depend on the basis of academic performance, class attendance and punctuality.
-The university offers a minimum amount of 1000.00RMB as a scholarship to successful students.
-First-time inbound students having excellent higher education student profiles can be given their funds starting from 3000 RMB/YR to the full scholarship price.

Government Scholarship:
-The criteria for this scholarship are similarly depending on academic performance, class attendance and punctuality.
-The minimum amount offered as government scholarship for successful students is thousands of RMBs.
-Besides, there are still far more opportunities not only offered by the central government, but also from provincial, municipal level governments. It is quite a large possibility to win a scholarship that fits you.

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