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Medical Pathogenic Biology

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The Department of Medical Pathogenic Biology was affirmed as one of the first group of the keystone subjects in Hebei North University. It became an authorized place of Microbiology and Parasitological for master degree in 2006 with the first batch of students in our university. Medical Pathogenic Biology is an important content of basic medicine, composed of the group of Microbiology, Parasitology, and Immunology. Researching on the characteristic of Bacteria, Virus, Parasite and their relationships with the human body.

With more vigor, it keeps the principle of continual development in teaching, scientific research and development of new products. The remarkable achievements have already been made in their fields. Presently there are 5 professors, 10 associate professors, 13 masters, 3 graduate students for a doctorate degree. In order to promote international academic exchange, several faculties went abroad for advanced studies, 2 associate professors just returned from the U.S. Now they are playing various important roles and taking lead in scientific research. There are many young faculties growing up and playing important roles in the department.

At the department, there exist 4 experimental labs with 587.8 square meters, intact multimedia and electricity teaching devices, teaching and research facilities are well equipped. Our equipment and instruments are advanced, our books and reference materials are perfect and most importantly our funds of scientific research are sufficient. It is in charge of whole college's Medical Pathogenic Biology teaching programs for clinical medicine, medical jurisprudence, pharmacy, public health, stomatology, nursing, prevention and so on, are involved in the teaching programs for multi-levels such as graduate students, five-year, three-year teaching courses as well as foreign students. The major tasks are teaching,and. We have written 12 teaching books in medical universities and colleges undergraduate course and 5 influential books. It maintains the emphasis on the scientific research for improving the teaching and subject construction. It has cultivated a large number of talented people.

Through our efforts more than 20 years, we have formed and established several research directions such as the research of Pneumocystis carnie infection, Homophiles influenza classification and its vaccine, the effect of Newcastle disease virus on the biological behavior of tumor cells, anti-cancer immune response, the study of MBL plasma concentration in healthy Hans and Mongolia peoples, et al. We have been taking charge of several proposals: 1 State "863 " high-tech program, 2 provincial and ministerial great key project, and 15 bureau and municipality funds. These researchers combine biochemistry and molecular biology techniques, including the gene cloning, protein expression and purification, cell technology, methods of microanalysis, more precise measurements for detecting biological activity and molecular immunology techniques. About one hundred scientific research papers were published in international and domestic magazines. And several scientific research achievements obtained provincial prizes of technological research findings and prizes of science and technology progress of bureau and municipality level.

Our objective is to develop human resource shaping public health for the 21st century.

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