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Thermo PX2 Thermal Cycler PCR Instrument

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Thermo PX2 Thermal Cycler PCR Instrument | Hebei North University

The main features of this device:

Precise temperature control has five modes, including sensitive electrode used to measure the sample temperature control. PCR reaction can make the best results through the electrode temperature control and thermal simulation of temperature control methods. Temperature monitoring apparatus is consistent with the sample temperature. There are six modules can be replaced, including the latest gradient module. Has a new thermal cover design, simple operation, when the lid off the heating plate heat down to a certain height, by selecting the sample patterns and seal mode enables compliance with the required pressure and temperature experiments to arrive at the best results. The main technical parameters: Module type 0.5mL, 0.2mL, in situ module, 384-module; thermostat mode is sensitive electrode control, analog tube / slide control, analog board control module controls; module temperature range of 4-99 C; module at a heating rate of 3 C / sec; module cooling rate of 2 C / sec; resolution of 0.1 C; module uniformity within 0.3 C / 30sec; program number 99; catalog number is 6.

American Px2-PCR procedures

1, Main Menu: Main menu

2, RUN: Run the program

3, PROG: edit, copy, view, delete the program

4, MAN: running an artificial insulation program

5, OPTS: set the time and date, etc.

6, create a new program:

Main Menu - PROG - EDIT - NEW - NEW PROG - Target directory - STAGE

STEPS (typically consists of three phases: STAGE1 denaturation at 94 C 3min; STAGE2 temperature variability - low back

Fire - extended in warm temperature and time); STAGE3 extension 72 C 8min - SAVE

7, a program run:

Main Menu - RUN - Target directory - ENTER to start

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