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Practical Bases In HBNU

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First Affiliated HospitalThe university owns more than 236 practical bases with excellent condition for teaching practice. Among them, the First Affiliated Hospital the largest and most comprehensive department in Hebei, Shanxi and Mongolia Interchange, with advanced equipment, high-level clinics, medical treatment, teaching, research, prevention, and rehabilitation.

The first and second affiliated hospitals play a major and indispensable role in ensuring good academic atmosphere for students studying medicine in Hebei North University. Both hospitals were established in 1938 and 1951 respectively with the sole aim of proving good and effective clinical training to the university's medical students while at the same time serving the city of Zhangjiakou. It comprises of medical, teaching, research, prevention, rehabilitation as a whole, with advanced medical equipment’s and technology. Hebei North University teaching hospital is Tertiary health care unit at the provincial level.

The hospital has advanced medical equipment and strong technical force. Hospital has invested heavily in the formation of medical imaging, radiation oncology, testing, nuclear medicine, dialysis, ICU care, preparation, remote consultation and other treatment centers and research institutions. This advantageously promotes the improvement of medical standards. Every year dozens of new technologies for clinical appliances are being installed.

PRACTICAL BASES IN HBNUThe First Clinical Medical hospital has excellent teaching environment with its specific director, deputy director and secretary of education teaching staff. We have a good teaching practice base and experienced clinical teaching faculty. The newly created multimedia network teaching system teaches operation skills in training rooms, equipped with cardie-touch, a computer simulation of human auscultation, chest examination multimedia network simulation and the simulation of human abdominal palpation and other teaching systems.

Second Affiliated Hospital is also known as Xuanhua City People’s Hospital of Zhangjiakou. It has the combination of health care, teaching, research, prevention and health care as one of three general hospitals.The hospital has two biological laboratories that meet international standards. In recent years, the hospital attaches great importance to scientific research, increasing capital investment.

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