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Student Organization at Hebei North University

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China is considered as the number one country with so many schools, colleges and universities in the world that have made students reach their final goals. The country is also known with the most successive form of education that has branched students to different international countries for professional jobs.

With that being said there are a lot of examples of universities such as the Hebei North University that is found in the northern part of China in a city called Zhangjiakou, it is a medical university with students from both domestic and international students. The students at this university have been given the best treatment from the university which makes them enjoy both their stay and study in China.

The students at Hebei North University have been given power by the university to organize their own programs and make their own leader ship which will intern help watch over the students need in the university and present the necessary demands to the board of the university. Which is why the student organization of Hebei North University has leaders and other supportive members who run all the African and international students in the university. The Organization goes by the name of ASU HBNU meaning African Students Union in Hebei North University and this time the president if from Uganda and her name goes by Joan a student from fifth year.

Other small organizations include the EA ZJK meaning the East African in Zhangjiakou which is organized by East African members from countries like Somalia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda. All these have help students succeed through various programs in School, example the graduation ceremonies, the spring games, some China`s festivals and even the meetings in the university.

Also there is an upcoming organization which is formed by the medical students of Hebei North University, originally by the Pakistan students called "Student Voice" and it is aimed on presenting each and every student in the campus of the university. The votes of leaders and contestants are to formed soon after the spring game program time.

Student Organization at Hebei North University

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