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Notice on the Merger of Several Famous Universities

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The bigger the better, we have all heard this phrase at one point in our lives, and it has perhaps even gone as far as bringing universities together under one banner, for several reasons, all around the world.

There have been a growing number of mergers this century, and this growth has further sped up 2015, which sees most of merged universities gain top spots in world ranking, thereby further boosting their popularity across the globe, and a boosted popularity means a boosted reputation in many cases. Merging of universities also places a greater strength into the administration of the now merged universities.


Two heads are better than one, and bringing together two or more universities means bringing together two or more policies and methodologies about running the university. This puts such universities at an advantage over others.

On the other hand, and like every other story, there’re always two sides, and the other side in this situation is that mergers could place one or more of the universities involved at risk of losing their identity or values in order to assimilate a new one often from another university involved, usually the bigger. This puts such universities at risk of losing students who enrolled because of these values. Once again, however, this problem is can be neutralized once the universities gain better rankings, which is an even stronger recipe for attracting more talents.

Finally, attracting more students to universities does not place only the said universities at an advantage, but also goes the long to better put cities in which these universities are on the map, and also increases the number of youth in these areas, and a youthful community is a promise of a futuristic community!

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