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HBNU Celebrates ‘Eid-Al-Adha’ (Feast Of The Sacrifice)

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HBNU CELEBRATES ‘Eid-al-Adha’ (FEAST OF THE SACRIFICE)The Muslim student association in conjunction with authorities of HBNU and student body celebrated ‘Eid-al-Adha’ festival on the 12th of September 2016 (i.e. 10th day of the last month of Islamic calendar) which commemorates Ibrahim being tested by God about 4000years ago to sacrifice his most prized possession his son

Ishmael. According to the Quran, God came to Ibrahim in a dream and commanded him to kill his son "as an act of obedience. Just as he was about to follow through with the sacrifice, God gave him a sheep to slaughter instead.

‘Eid –al-Adha’ is the holiest festival celebrated by Islamic community worldwide, HBNU made sure its Muslim students were not left out of the celebration. The celebration began the early days of Monday with students joining the Muslim community at the mosque located at the exhibition center of Zhangjiakou city to pra (rakats) followed by sermon (khubath). they were all dressed up in their most extravagant clothes and personal cleanliness were also observed all honoring the SUNNAH of preparation the prophet Mohammed wrote in the Quran. After the prayers were said and done a plump looking sheep was slaughtered and a meaty feast was made (mutton soup with noodles)

Later in the day a show was held at Zhangjiakou international hotel to finalize the celebration. This was organized by the Muslim student organization of HBNU. The show was attended by most senior of school authorities, international students and Chinese students of HBNU. It was epic and quite magnificent with students

displaying their talents in respect to singing, dancing, poetry and playing of sophisticated musical instruments all to the admiration of everyone present. The highlight of the day was the feast after the show which included delicacies from Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Ghana. Mr. Yang the head of international student

exchange was also present as he gave a speech to inspire students on fulfilling the religious obligations no matter their age and strive to excel academically. it was a program which days after students kept talking about.

Currently preparation is ongoing to make next year celebration of ‘Eid-al-Adha’ much greater than the just celebrated one. Truly HBNU is home away from home.

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