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Liu Yan, President Of China Institute Of Sports Law, Invited To Our School For Academic Report

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At 3 pm on April 19th, in order to promote winter and Austrian legal knowledge and assist the rule of law and winter Olympics, Liu Yan, president of the Chinese Sports Law Association, went to our school to give an academic report "Study on Winter Olympics and Legal Winter Olympics in 2022”. The report was held in the liberal arts auditorium. Deputy Principal Ren Liang attended the event and delivered speeches. The Student Affairs Office, all members of the Youth League Committee, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the secondary school, the student section chief, the secretary of the Youth League Committee, the teacher-student representative and the Zhangjiakou Bar Association attended the report meeting.

At the report meeting, President Liu Yan elaborated on the main body and basis of Olympic legal affairs, and the special and complex nature of the Olympic Committee of China as a social organization legal person. China has fully developed the development and background of Olympic legal practice and the institutional nature of BOCOG. , the operational characteristics of foreign institutions and business operations, and the profound connotation and significance of the legal winter Olympics in the context of a comprehensive legal administration. The contents of the work of the Legal Affairs Department of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, the contractual work of the Olympic Organizing Committee, the protection of rights and interests, the legislative work of the Olympic Games, legal services and dispute resolution work were introduced.

Vice President Ren Liang put forward three hopes to the teachers and students of the school at the end of the report meeting: First, we must respect the rule of law, respect the law, and establish a socialist belief in the rule of law; Second, we should establish the constitutional law and the supremacy, equality before the law, and the right to statutory rights, according to the law. Make the rule of law basic concepts of the rule of law; Third, we must improve the rule of law thinking, the quality of the rule of law, the ability to rule the law, the implementation of the legal system, according to the law, the mind often hangs the mirror of the law, hold the law in the hands of the ruler, with a strong sense of responsibility and mission of the rule of law for the rule of law Zhangjiakou, the rule of winter Olympics Will contribute.

On the morning of the report meeting, President Liu Yan visited our gymnasium, library, and held discussions with teachers and students of our school.

Liu Yan, President of China Institute of Sports Law, President of Sports Law and Olympic Legal Affairs Research Association of Beijing Law Society, Arbitrator of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, and a part-time supervisor of master's degree at China University of Political Science and Law. He is now retired. Before retiring, he served as Director of the Department of Policy and Regulation of the State General Administration of Sports, Deputy Secretary General of the All-China Sports Federation and Head of the Legal Affairs Department, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Olympic Committee and Head of the Legal Affairs Department, and China Sports Development Strategy Research Association. Secretary-General. He has participated in two Olympic Games applications in Beijing and once applied for Olympic Winter Games. He has participated in preparations, operations and aftermath of the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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