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MBBS Study In China For Sri Lankan Students

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Medicine is one of the most sought after professions worldwide. However the opportunity to study MBBS is quite tedious onto students and has a very competitive entry into government medical universities with less than half of students greatly accepted. This eventually leads to intellectual loss. Most students are not eligible due to insufficient test scores; may not indicate a student’s actual intellectual ability or capability in the field of medicine.

China provides the opportunity for students fromSri Lankato achieve their pursuit of becoming future medical doctors.Chinese medical universities are SLMC approved, students and parents can visit our website to read more about it.MBBS education in Chinais quite cheaper and affordable. That is what has lead to more international students travelling to China to study. Quality of education in Chinese medical university is one of the top-notch in Asia and worldwide.MBBS study in Chinais based on modern problem solving techniques and is well-structured one durations of 6 years. Reputable lecturers available with good grasp of English Language. Lessons are not based only in lecture halls but also there are clinical ward rounds and laboratory work in well-equipped laboratories. Medical universities have splendid library facilities packed with both ancient and modern medical books, which are very illustrative, and are students oriented. Affiliated hospitals to Chinese medical universities and colleges are well-organized and certified teaching hospital with a minimum of 700 patients beds.

Duration for students to MBBS in China is a total of 6 yearswith the last year being compulsory internship either in China or outside china. After graduating, there is no need for students to take IELTS or TOEFL to be able to partake in the SLMC but also able to partake in PLAB, USMLE and other exams.

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