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Celebrating African Union Day In HBNU

Time:2018 04 17 Click:5908
The inauguration of the newly elected African student union (ASU) executive board was met with an elegant as well as cultural ambiance. The event, which was held on May 25th, 2017 at the Hongjinyi Hotel, was filled with beautiful, multicolored outfits showcasing contrasting African designs. It was clear that although different, everyone was there to celebrate one thin – African.

The ceremony was opened by Mr. Wen who started off by talking about Africa's greatness and its contribution to the world. He also advised that African countries should start living in harmony with each other and that it could start here at the university.

Attendees were then addressed by Dr.abbas   who stressed on how students needed to encourage each other and work hard to achieve their goals. He mentioned that “ without celebration, you'll never get success.”

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Across the course of the ceremony, the talented students of Hebei North University executed captivating poetry renditions as well as music and dance performances. A poem, rendered by second-year student Monicah Nyakujara, reminded all present that there is much to be thankful for and that it takes courage and determination o achieve your dreams. She also touched on a point that everyone needed to start bringing about a positive change in themselves, which, in turn, would lead to positive surroundings.
Finally, it comes to the point in the ceremony that all the fresh-faced executives were waiting for: the official hand over and swearing in. former president of the ASU, Samuel Agyen, began by briefly talking about some of the challenges that he had faced during his term, being more encouraging and supportive of the ASU but, most importantly changing the mindsets of the students to a positive one.

Thereafter, each of the new executives was called on to the stage to introduce their titles and don sashes handover to them by the previous committee members- thus signifying the welcoming of the new and the waving out of the old. The audience sat captivated as current president of the ASU, Racheal Nahwera, delivered a short yet, powerful speech on how she would continue to enforce all that the ASU strives for.

All in all, it was a beautiful afternoon filled with vibrant colors, joyous ululating and valuable lessons about unity. Click here for more info about how to apply MBBS in China.

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