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PLAB is the abbreviation for the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board. This is usually a couple of tests (examinations) that are held specifically for doctors and medical; professionals who studied and have qualifications overseas and would wish to practice medicine professionally in the United Kingdom under limited registration. These tests is a platform for International Medical Graduates to demonstrate and prove that they are qualified enough and have the necessary skill set and required knowledge to practice medicine in the United Kingdom. These tests are usually a requirement for any Medical Graduate who would want to practice in UK but schooled outside the European Economic Area and also Switzerland.

The PLAB tests are conducted by the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom to assess a graduate’s ability as a doctor and also to work safely as a senior house officer in any hospital in the UK.

The PLAB tests consists of two main Parts:
The part 1, consists mainly of a multiple choice objectives examination paper. There are about two hundred questions with multiple choice answers where the graduate will have to select the best answer to every question. This part last a maximum of 3 hours. This examination can be conducted in a number of countries, including Nigeria, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
The Part 2, consists of objectively structured clinical questions. This part can only be conducted in some cities in the United Kingdom including Manchester.
Before taking the tests, there are some requirements that will have to be met. Before taking them, you must have;
A primary medical qualification from a university that is internationally recognized. You must also have the IELTS academic modules and must have attained a score of not less than 7.5 overall and also a minimum of 7.0 for all of the four language skills required. You can visit www.gmc-uk.org/doctors/registration_applications/13680.asp for more information.

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