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MBBS Study in China for Pakistan, Jordan students

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Mbbs Study In China For Pakistan, Jordan Students

First and foremost students want to experience a foreign way of studying medicine in China which include Traditional Chinese medicine which is not taught in Pakistan and Jordan. So different methods of therapy like acupuncture and moxibustion gives them additional knowledge.

Moreover you get to study in the 3rd most beautiful country in the world with its vast growing economic development, and learn Chinese language and culture

But is studying medicine preparing them for the world standard of practicing medicine?

Well students are disappointed, as they expected basic medical courses like cell biology, medical terminology etc., and the chief reason for which many came, to be started in first year. But they come only to be choked with Chinese courses for a whole year without any medical courses started till second year. The curriculum is poorly structured in some China universities, more like a try and error kind. Many courses that need to be two or more semesters are compressed to only one semester forcing lecturers to rush to finish whether or not students comprehend what is being taught. Also some of the courses introduced like pure physics and calculus has no relevance to medicine, draining the life out of a medical student here in China with things that don’t really matter in medicine.

Although most china medical universities are well refurbished with medical equipment’s they are not made readily available for foreign students. Over 100 students get to share just one cadaver for practice which doesn’t promote effective teaching and learning. There is also the issue of language barrier. Many Chinese lecturers can hardly express themselves and even read their own lecture slides fluently in English, leaving many students very frustrated.

In conclusion, since the sole aim of every educational institution is to prepare their students to meet the worldwide standard of medical education, then more foreign lecturers should complement good English speaking Chinese lecturers in teaching. Curriculum should be reviewed and an enabling learning environment provided for foreign students. For china medical education has a future when necessary changes are made.

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